Say NO2 an unfair world 

by showing NO2 everybody

NO2 is all about doing honest work and driving a honest business among all the people involved in producing and selling NO2 no matter where in the world.

NO2 child labour - unfair wages - exploitation - bad materials

Your contribution to a more honest world starts by saying NO2 an unfair world and showing NO2 everybody. We create these beautiful products without any concessions to a fair trade. That’s our contribution. A little one, but every bit helps. So go on and spread the ‘NO2 an unfair world’.

Your NO2 an unfair world is a loud YES to a better world

We start with boxer shorts for men, in a gift box with a free pair of socks! All produced and sold in the fair way. From the most honest materials, produced by people who get fair wages and sold by shops whom believe in a better world. Of course they all deserve the NO2 logo. So now you can say NO2 an unfair world by showing NO2 everybody. And that is a very loud YES to a better world.

It is time for me to say a loud YES to a better world

After all these years I know my way in the fashion industry and I know that we can do far better. Creation of the materials, production but also the way it is sold. So I say YES to honest wages for the hands that do the labour. And YES to the search for the most honest materials. Everybody can help to accomplish that. Bit by bit, step by step we can strive to make a better world.

Our first product is a gift box. It contains 2 boxershorts and 1 pair of socks for €39,95

To buy, please send us an email with your size S, M, L or XL


Thanks for your support & purchase.